We're a group of model aircraft and RPAS enthusiasts coming together as a community to represent our pastime. We're dedicated to preserving the freedom to fly for all members of this private group and visitors from Canada.

Our purpose is to promote friendly and fun comeradery that benefit all members and Canada's tens of thousands of RC aviators.

We strive to connect and engage other groups and individuals for our mutual benefit. We offer support to members and strive to obey our code of conduct.

The short-term goals of the association are defined as follow:

    - Work through our local municipal representatives to obtain some promotional support as a family-oriented                 activity,

    - Use the media and social media for outreach and to build public awareness,

    - Co-operate with others to help decision-makers,

    - Submit our comments/recommendations to MAAC (Model Aeronautics Association of Canada) when deemed             necessary,

    - Screen new member application

    - Vote on acceptance/refusal

    - Submit club protocols and procedures to all new members.


Longer-term goals include the following:

    - Promote the safety and regulations when using remotely piloted aircraft as per

       Part IX of the CARs (Canadian Aviation Regulation).

    - Work in parallel with municipal, provincial and federal representatives to abide with regulations and by-laws               restricting model aircraft.



We're inclusive and welcoming to all. We respect and welcome diverse views.

We conduct our activities in a friendly and respectable manner.

Members and public safety is a priority.


All members will be asked to volunteer in keeping site clean and free of any obstacles that may interfere in the safety of operators flying their remotely piloted aircrafts


                                                                                 Our Field                                              

winter aerial.jpg

A tidbit about the club bit about the club

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